About Us - Our Story So Far

Steve & DeliaA little of our history here at ECF - We were established as English Creek Farms in 2009 when we (Steve and Delia Trenholm) got married but our agricultural roots go much deeper than that with Steve being born and raised on a mixed farming operation and coming from a long line of hard working farmers on both sides of the family. Delia was born and raised a city girl who always had a passion for animals, food, and later on in life, health.

I (Steve) have always loved farming and started driving tractor when I was eight years old. Any chance I got I was out in the field. It didn't matter if I was raking hay or cultivating I had to be out there. There are many different aromas on the farm but there are two smells you just can't beat, newly worked soil and fresh cut hay. Over the years our farm had beef and dairy cows, sheep, chickens, pigs, ducks, rabbits, dogs, cats, honeybees, and the occasional horse or donkey. When I was eighteen I worked in the spring for United Grain Growers delivering fertilizer. It was a great place to get experience driving truck as that is another one of my passions. A couple years later I got on with Agricore United as truck driver and moved up to equipment operator. I custom applied fertilizers and chemicals for four years. I fertilized and sprayed my own land as well as that was how everybody did it. After giving half my paycheck back to the fertilizer company when I sold my grain, I started to use less and less fertilizer and chemicals. I would cut my use in half every year until I was not using any at all. During this time I met Delia and I started to rethink why I didn't use synthetic fertilizers or chemicals. I began to think about the poison symbol on the chemical boxes and started thinking that it can't be good to eat food that has had poison sprayed on it, even if it's just a tiny amount. I feel that God has given us everything we need to produce a healthy feed source for us and our livestock. We haven't used synthetic fertilizer or chemicals of any kind since.

~~~~Hi, my name is Delia and I’m a work from home wife, mother, and farmer in Mara, British Columbia with a passion for animals, health and nourishing food. I have been on my health journey since 2005 when I became a chiropractic assistant and learned more about how the body works. I have discovered over the last several years that the “health road” can be a difficult one to navigate at times. Once you start to figure things out a little, the next challenge is where do I get all of this stuff from (especially in a small town)? How do I get it without paying top dollar, ordering enough to feed an army and getting it in a reasonable amount of time? Well these are all great questions and very real problems. I figured I was not the only one in need of such a thing …….so in 2012 The Pantry at English Creek Farms was started.

When we started farming together in 2009 our business plan was I'm sure just like every other farmer's business plan, grow or produce whatever makes the most money. Our view on that has changed over the last couple years. While it is still necessary to make enough to pay bills and make a living, we are now more focused on producing a healthy, nourishing product that everyone can afford. Although we are not certified organic, it is our commitment to our family and you, our friends, to grow our products beyond organic standards.

Here on the farm's website you'll find three different categories, The Pantry, The Workshop, and The Field. 

~The Pantry is where you'll find many of Delia's handcrafted creations, herbal remedies, spices, and delicious teas. Many of these products are not grown on the farm but they are handcrafted here and we source the best organic ingredients possible.

~The Workshop is home to Steve's creations which at the moment include a variety of handcrafted leather items such as belts, wallets, and the like.

~The Field - Keep your eye out for products coming in from the field such as organically grown beef, pork, eggs, grain, hay, and honey.