Beef barley soup

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I know it seems like there are allot of different spices in this soup, but try and remember using spices and herbs in our cooking is a great way to enhance the flavor, nutrients and medicinal benefits. Please keep in mind that when I made this soup I used beef bone broth as the base so it added its own flavor. If you use water you may want to up the spices. 


Beef barley soup

3 Celery sliced length way and chopped
3 Carrots sliced length way and chopped
1 Large yellow onion diced
4-5 Minced garlic cloves

Add to a pot over medium heat with coconut oil. Let sauté for 5-7 minutes stirring a few times.

Cover with a lid and cook another 5-6 minutes.

Uncover pot and add spices. 
2 Tea spoon dried basil
1 Tea spoon dried oregano
1 Tea spoon dried cilantro 
3-4 bay leaves
1-2 Table spoon dried parsley
Smoked sea salt
Fresh ground black pepper.

Let cook 1 minute.

Add 4-5 cups beef broth or water

Add 3/4-1 cup uncooked pearl barley

Bring to a boil and let cool for about 25 minutes until barley is no longer chewy and the soup is slightly thicker that at the start.

Add 1-2 cups shredded left over roast meat (depends how chunky you like your soup )

Once the meat is hot throughout its ready to enjoy.

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