Un~Caramel, Caramel corn

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This is one of those special treats at our house.  I love Carmel corn but not all of the sugar and time it takes to make it.  

Be warned this stuff is addictive!!!! 


Un~Caramel, Caramel corn 

2/3 cup organic popcorn seeds 
6 table spoons  pure maple syrup
4 table spoons butter 
1 tea spoon vanilla extract 
Sea salt  
(If you pop it on the stove you will need oil to pop the pop corn ) 

Prepare the 2/3 cup popcorn seeds in either an air popper or on the stove top. 

In a small pot combine the butter and maple syrup. 

Bring to a low boil over medium heat. 

Once its boiling remove from the heat and add the vanilla. Stir well . 

Drizzle the syrup/butter mixture over popcorn evenly (make sure to stir the popcorn a few times so you don't miss the stuff at the bottom) 

Add a few small pinches of sea salt if desired and enjoy !!

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