24 Jan / 2015

Chocolate Toothpaste

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Chocolate Toothpaste - Ingredients: 1 Tbsp baking soda (if you have sensitive teeth reduce the baking soda and add more clay) / 1 Tbsp bentonite clay / 1 tsp cinnamon ( I used sweet) / 1 tsp turmeric powder / 1 tsp xylitol / 2 tsp raw cacao (coco) powder / 1/4 tsp ground cloves. / Shake of real (pink or gray) sea salt

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Hey there friends I know you have been waiting on this post for a while, I apologize for the delay.
First thing I want to say is this recipe can be used as your canvas to create some amazing treats, its rare I make it the same way twice. One of my favorites is with macadamia nuts, hemp hearts and homemade Nutella. Anyhow on word and up word =D

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Best hot chocolate I have ever had in my life !!!! 2 Cups milk (I used fresh milk with the cream on top) heated with 2 Tbsp of peppermint. Let it get good and hot but not boiling.Then in a mason jar I put: 1 Tbsp of gelatin (I used great lakes brand) / 3 Tbsp coconut sugar / 3-4 Tbsp cacao powder / 1Tbsp butter .

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13 Dec / 2014

Bullet Proof Golden Milk

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Bullet Proof Golden Milk - Ingredients: 2 cups milk / 1Tsp cinnamon / 2 Tsp turmeric / 1-2 Inch piece of ginger chopped  / 6 Peppercorns / 3 Cracked cardamom pods

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Before I became a mother I really didn’t care for eating leftovers. I’m not sure if I didn’t like the taste/texture of the food once reheated or if I didn’t like eating the same thing two nights in a row. Once I became an adult and was on my own I would try and cook only what I would eat for that one meal ….and that carried on into my early married years. Then I became a mom and my whole world changed ……now I live for there to be leftovers

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10 Nov / 2014

DIY Face Powder

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Face powder is one of those things I think every makeup wearer should try and DIY at least once. Almost everyone will have what they need to make it right in their kitchen ,it’s easy peesy and cost pennies compared to store bought stuff. 

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