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06 Apr / 2015

Beef barley soup

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I know it seems like there are allot of different spices in this soup, but try and remember using spices and herbs in our cooking is a great way to enhance the flavor, nutrients and medicinal benefits. Please keep in mind that when I made this soup I used beef bone broth as the base so it added its own flavor. If you use water you may want to up the spices. 

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This is a great soup for that leftover cauliflower in the fridge


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A dear friend and her family came for visit about a year ago, I made up a pot of soup for lunch. As per usual I had no recipe and I didn't measure a thing. That night she jokingly asked for the recipe ...and said I'm guessing you don't have one but its worth a try. She was right but I did send her everything I used and general direction. 
Since then it has become a family favorite for them and she has made it for many friends who've raved about it and asked for the recipe. she has told me a few times now that I need to blog it, so this weekend I made the soup and took pictures....I even used measuring cups and spoons if you can beleive it ;)

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Real food Vegan "snickers" bites

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This is one of those special treats at our house.  I love Carmel corn but not all of the sugar and time it takes to make it.  

Be warned this stuff is addictive!!!! 

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Quick and easy vegan buckwheat waffles 

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