Organic Herbal Cough Syrup DIY Kit

Organic Herbal Cough Syrup DIY Kit
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What you will need to make this syrup~ DIY organic herbal cough Syrup kit, 4 cups filtered water, 1 cup high quality raw honey (if you are using this on a child under 1 omit honey and replace with pure maple syrup) 1/4 cup fresh lemon juice. 
This cough syrup kit is made with the highest quality ingredients we could find, each one having its own medicinal benefit. 

Organic chamomile flowers~I'm guessing when you see the word chamomile, cough syrup is not the first thought that comes to mind, but this beautiful well known herb has many benefits some of which include: soothing muscles, helping to reduce inflammation and promotes sleep.

Organic ginger root~Ginger by nature is a great anti inflammatory thanks to the proteolytic enzyme it contains. It is a warming decongesting herb that can help with the discomforts of the common cold, flu and respiratory issues. It also gives the syrup a wonderful flavor.

Organic marshmallow root~marshmallow root is well known for its rich nature producing a very nutritive tonic. marshmallow root is a popular medicine for soothing all manners of inflamed tissue, its especially known for its ability to sooth and heal inflamed and irritated tissue of the respiratory system. It's soothing demulcent action makes it ideal for helping with dry coughs. 

Organic Sweet cinnamon~this well known spice is a powerhouse known for its wonderful sweet aromatic flavor it also has several healing properties such as its ability to clear congestion, it's antiviral and antifungal properties. 

Raw honey~Honey has long been known to sooth sore throats and ease a bad cough. In addition to its medicinal benefits a syrup with a 35% or higher sugar content will last for much longer than without.

Lemon~Although lemon is acidic by nature once consumed it helps the body to become alkalized, an alkalized body is very inhospitable to infection and disease. 
This cough syrup is very simple to make and will come with a full set of instructions.

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