Vanilla latte sugar scrub

Vanilla latte sugar scrub
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This is one of those items that you think is just a "frill" but once you use it it quickly becomes a necessity! The combination of finely ground organic kicking horse coffee and organic cane sugar do a beautiful job at exfoliating dead skin cells, the caffeine content in the coffee and the castor oil quickly does it's job and tightens and tones the skin it's applied to making it a great addition to any anti-cellulite regime. This scrub will leave your face, hands and legs feeling brand new. 

Instructions: Gently apply to desired area rubbing in a circular motion. Avoid sensitive areas and eyes. Rinse clean with warm water and a cloth. Pat dry and enjoy your silky smooth toned skin.

Ingredients: Organic cane sugar, organic fair trade coffee, organic coconut oil, castor oil, organic fair trade vanilla bean powder, vanilla extract, vanilla essential oil. 

**** A note of caution, if you are using this product in the shower it is oil based and can make the shower slippery.

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