Things We Love

This section of the store contains links to things our family loves and uses on a regular basis. Some of the items we earn a small commission on , so as always we thank you for your support of our family run small business =)


Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver GeneratorMicro Particle Colloidal Silver Generator ~This is am item we bought in the beginning of 2013 and honestly I feel a little sick to my stomach every time I think of how much I payed for the little bottles of colloidal silver from the health food store (50.00 plus dollars for a small bottle) Just in case your not familiar with some of the uses for colloidal silver I will share with you a few of the things we have used it for. Please remember I’m not a Dr or an educator so It’s important you do your own research if your not familiar with this product. we have used it for things like yeast rashes, food poisoning , mastitis, sanitizing, colds, flu and different livestock ailments. The silver Edge has lots of great information regarding the use of colloidal silver and quality of different generators. If you decide one of these generators is a good fit for you please > click here



Assunta Store

Assunta Store and Little Flower Projects ~  In the beginning of our parental journey almost 3 years ago we went through many brands and styles of cloth diapers and were unable to find any I was truly happy with so at 6 month I threw in the towel and changed to a green disposable,  I don’t even want to think of how much money went right down the drain :/ fast forwarding to 2013 with the birth of our second daughter I decided to try it agin, a friend was placing an order for some snaps from the Assunta store and asked if I wanted to take a look at the site to see if there was anything I could use. Now I know many people are against ordering things from so far away but I have to say before you decide to count them out base upon distance take a look at their mission and what the funds go to support. The assunta store helps to provide funds for an orphanage in china that is for disabled/special needs  children and infants

Their mission statement:

Recognizing the beauty and dignity of each and every individual person, China Little Flower works to build a culture of life by reaching out to those who are rejected, abandoned, deemed as useless, and who have no voice. Whether by direct care, support, or education, we seek to show the value of each human life and build a culture that respects, protects, loves and serves life!

So after a peek through their store I had come up with several things I though might work for us and I figured that the prices were so reasonable that even if they didn’t fit or work well I wouldn’t be out much. I’m so glad I took the chance ….here we are a year later (2014) and we are still loving our diapers. If your considering cloth diapers for your child or perhaps a gift for someone thats expecting this company is certainly worth a try.